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Church Links

The strong links between Crayke Church of England School and St. Cuthbert’s Church Crayke continue to thrive and grow.  The Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the community, value the strong Christian Ethos and clear vision shown by the school that is reflected in every aspect of the children’s education.

The whole school attends Church each term and parents and community are invited too.  The beginnings and endings of term are most important as are the beginnings and endings of primary school life.  These times are celebrated in Church along with Harvest, Christmas and other Christian festivals.

The Church also goes into school with members of the PCC presenting Collective Worship with “Open the Book”.  This is an interactive way of storytelling, which brings the Bible to life, in school.  A Methodist Youth Worker helps and guides the PCC in this project, which has been most helpful during our period of interregnum.

There are joint ventures and collaborations between the school, the staff, clergy, parents, Church, community and PCC.

A Prayer Day was held in the local Sports Hall where prayer and communicating with God was explored in an interesting, intimate and exciting way.  The tented areas within the sports hall gave the children the experiences of sending their worries to God through blowing bubbles and washing away worries from pebbles they had written on, as well as considering the “power” of God, prayer, and worldwide problems such as poverty and natural disasters.

An “Easter experience” took place in the church with the whole school tracing Christ’s entry intoJerusalemright through to his Resurrection.  In small groups the children were taken through six areas of the church portraying the events that took place and they took part in activities such as the washing of feet and sitting at the Last Supper.  People fromBrandsbyChurchalso helped the Governors, PCC and staff in this innovative and moving presentation which bound together our communities.

The children ofCraykeSchoolalso perform a Nativity play each year in school and a member of the village directs a nativity play for the church with the children of Crayke.

The PCC and Community of Crayke are very proud ofCraykeSchooland the nurturing of Christian Faith and values that are at the core of school life.  We look forward to many more joint ventures to celebrate, develop and strengthen our Christian Faith together.