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Class 1 – Autumn 2013


This term we will be learning through the themes of Percy the Park Keeper and his animals, Dinosaurs, Autumn, Pirates and Christmas

In our reading we will be learning to identify sounds and match them to written letters.  We will also be learning how to blend and segment CVC words and read some key words by sight.  In our writing we will be learning how to form our letters correctly and write letters for identified sounds.

In our maths work we will be counting on and back to 10 and beyond, reading and writing numerals to 10 and learning how to collect quantities to match a numeral.  We will also be learning how to identify 2D and 3D shapes and compare objects by length, height, weight and capacity.

You can help your child at home by practicing their sounds, numbers and reading (as we progress) every day, finding the best time for your child to learn at home.

Year 1

This term our main topic has a historical slant; we are learning about dinosaurs.  The children have already decided what they would like to find out and this will include when and where they lived, physical characteristics and how they protected themselves from predators.

In science we are looking at habitats and food chains, beginning with underwater habitats.  We are linking our art and DT work into these two topics and hopefully will produce some interesting and work.

In literacy we are currently reading and thinking about everyday stories with familiar settings.  We shall move on to using and writing instructions and composing our own poetry following a simple format.

In numeracy we cover all aspects of the maths curriculum – number and place value, shape space and measure, calculating and problem solving.  Y1 pupils use numbers 1-20 and begin to learn about place value.

In RE our topic is “How do we care for others?”

You can continue helping your child by hearing them read their books regularly and help them to learn their spellings.  They should be able to tell you what they have been covering in maths if you would like to support in this area.