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Class 3 – Autumn 2013

In numeracy lessons we will be ensuring that written methods of all calculations are secure as well as revisiting mathematical topics such as shape and fractions. On Mondays Mrs. Lovell will be concentrating on a range of mental maths skills including multiplication facts.

This half term in Literacy lessons, after learning to identify figurative language in poetry and trying out some of our own, we will be taking a close look at newspapers. Next half term we will be writing stories with historical settings. On Mondays Mrs. Lovell will be working on developing spelling and grammar skills.

Areas of study throughout the term will be linked to our topics of ‘Materials around us’ in science and ‘Vikings’ in history. In October we look forward to welcoming a Viking visitor to help us with our learning.

Children are asked to work in a variety of ways at home and we would be very grateful if you could support them in this.

1. Learning spellings which will be given out and tested on Mondays by Mrs. Lovell. Information about the organisation of this is on a slip in spelling books.

2. Enjoying and sharing their reading of a variety of texts including reading scheme books. Children are encouraged to discuss their books with adults as well as reading aloud.

3. Aiming for instant recall of multiplication and division facts.
Year 3 children need to know 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 x tables.
Year 4 children need to know all their x tables up to 10.

4. Completing Mathletics maths activities on the internet. Class 3 children should all have their login and password details by the end of w/c 23/9/13.

5. Children may occasionally be asked to complete a specific task such as learning units of measurement or researching our history topic.

Thank you!