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Class 3 – Summer term 2013

Class 3 will be following 2 main themes this term.

Our science topic is looking at how plants grow and we’ll have a go at growing some plants of our own. We hope to be finding out even more about how plants grow during an off site visit. Taking a close interest in what your garden is doing throughout the term will provide lots for you to contribute during lessons.

We will also be travelling to Ancient Egypt and using clues from archaeology to help us find out about the lives of the people who lived there.

Activities in Art, Design and Technology and PE will also be focusing on our themes of ‘Growing plants’ and ‘Ancient Egypt’ but they are going to be a surprise!

In numeracy we will be brushing up all our skills, and working on instant recall of multiplication and division facts at home will be a great help. You can work on these in many different ways including playing on Sumdog.

In literacy we will start by enjoying some poetry, then we will be moving on to non fiction texts such as instructions and explanations. As always, the more you read at home the better.

Mrs Brown and Miss Stewart will continue to give weekly spelling lists, usually on Fridays.

This is an exciting and enjoyable term, and as we approach the summer there will be events such as the school production and sports day for us all to look forward to.