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Class 4 – Autumn 2013

This term our main topic is WW2 – focussing on the Blitz, Evacuation and using historical sources to draw our own conclusions.  There will be strong links to our Literacy work – looking at extracts from ‘Friend or Foe’, ‘Carrie’s War’ and Anne Frank’s Diary.  We will also be exploring wartime recipes as part of our DT topic.  In Literacy we will be: writing character sketches, improving story openings and ends; writing poetry; exploring explanations and writing recounts.  We will consolidate basic punctuation and introduce higher order punctuation.

In Numeracy we will be: increasing mental maths skills, using formal addition and subtraction, describing and drawing shapes, using the terms mode, mean, range and median and solving problems.

Science topics will include exploring a variety of circuits and drawing circuit diagrams.  We will also be investigating sound.

In PE we will be focussing on invasion games and cross country.  ICT will include using the internet for research and advanced word processing skills.  In RE we will be looking at how people express their faith through the arts and this will link strongly with our own Art topic.

It would be appreciated if help was given at home on instant recall of multiplication facts and if all children could read aloud to improve fluency, accuracy, intonation and expression.