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Class 4 – Summer term 2013

After all the hard work getting ready for SATs, in the second half of the term we will be enjoying our main topic which is all about Robin Hoods Bay.  Of course we will have a school trip there!

In literacy we will be writing a variety of poetry, including haikus on the animals you would find in Robin Hoods Bay, persuasive leaflets and adventure stories.  In IT, we will be making Powerpoint presentations about our trip and using the Internet for research.  Our geography and history will all be based about RHB: reading Ordnance Survey maps, looking at coastal erosion, comparing photographs then and now and focussing on how RHB has changed over the years.  Artwork will include watercolours and pencil drawings of scenery and nature.

In numeracy, we will be consolidating our accuracy in all four calculations we are as increasing our general maths knowledge.  We will also be focussing on maths investigations, together with working on instant recall of multiplication and division facts – working on this at home would also be a great help.