Next CHASA meeting

Calling all C.H.A.S.A members – yes, parents and carers, that’s you!

We would like to invite you to the C.H.A .S .A meeting this Thursday 25th October, at The Durham Ox, 7.30pm.

Over wine and nibbles it is a real opportunity to meet other parents and find out more about C.H.A.S.A

In the past two years we have managed to raise almost £6000 through the hard work and efforts by parents through C.H.A.S.A events.

This money has been used to fund :

–  A contribution of £4000 to the new outdoor decking area for Class 2.

–  Training for a member of staff to attend a Forest Schools course. This is turn enabled all children to participate in the Forest Schools day in the summer term.

–  Ceiling mounted projector in the school hall.

–  Two Smart boards.

–  New school staging.

–  Sports equipment.

Perhaps most impressively is the new classroom and school extension that was part funded by C.H.A.S.A to the tune of £10,000. Prior to this the school was much more cramped with children and staff squeezed into a space originally designed for many less children!

All of the fundraising efforts made through C.H.A.S.A really do make a difference to all of our children and the experience they have at Crayke School.

This year we are hoping to raise enough money to fund laptops and Kindles…….sent note to Gail to ask if any other key things. She may not get back to me today – obviously! – so if not I’ll work on what I’ve got. Charlotte, saw you not so we have probably duplicated, but not to worry!

C.H.A.S.A is also about our community bringing together the school, parents and most importantly, our children.

Please try and make the effort to come on Thursday. We would love to see as many people as possible.

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