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CHASA Meeting 19th May 8pm – Class Reps required

The next CHASA meeting to discuss the forthcoming summer fair is on Monday 19th May at Heather Ellekers house in Huby.

School Class Reps are:

Rep/year 1 – Sam McAdoo, Heather Elleker, Laucinda Roberts

Year 2 – Jette Emsley, Leanne Savage, Emma Gilleard

Year 3 – Lucy Lowther, Becky Ritchie

Year 4 – Rachael Pears, Liz Hudson

Year 5 – Kate Boyce, Alison Levin

Year 6 – Sally Walker, Allyson Rae

If you are unable to come please can you arrange for another parent from your year group to attend.  Please find attached a copy of the minutes from the last CHASA meeting detailing what each year group will be responsible for at the fair.Chasaminutes_28 April