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CHASA News (Crayke Home and School Association)

We would like to thank all the parents who attended the recent CHASA EGM at school.  It was wonderfully encouraging to see so many new faces and especially to hear all the ideas and comments on how CHASA can operate and organise events that you all wish to attend.

As a result of the meeting, we have been able to recruit 2 parents to stand as Joint Chairs.  Penny Agar (Year 5 parent) and Heather Ellerker (Year 2 and 3 Parent) have offered to share the role and Paula Ritchie (Reception and Year 3 Parent) will be Treasurer.  Geographically, we cover a wide area, living in Brandsby, Huby and Stillington and hope that all other parents who don’t live in Crayke itself feel encouraged to join in with CHASA meetings.

We hope that 2015 can be a really successful (and fun) year for CHASA, and that with the support of parents, carers and the children themselves,  we can continue to fund some excellent trips and experiences that the whole school can enjoy.

As a result of the input from the EGM, the next CHASA meeting will be held on Thursday 15th January at 8pm in the school hall – tea, coffee and maybe even a glass of wine will be available!  Please come along and bring your ideas and comments to help us plan the events diary for 2015, every idea is a big help.  The Summer Fair will remain the main event of the year, but we would like to try any new events that people request.  The meeting will last an hour so don’t feel you have to give up a lot of time to attend.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas

The CHASA Committee