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Fairtrade Fortnight in Crayke Primary School

Fairtrade Fortnight this year started on Monday, 23rd February.  To mark the occasion in Crayke Primary School, there will be two competitions for all the children to enter.

Quick Challenge –

KS1 – colour the pictures on the Fairtrade poster carefully and label each Fairtrade product (this will be given out as a paper copy as there are problems uploading).

KS2 – find words on the wordsearch that describe the benefits Fairtrade brings to Fairtrade producers.

Bring completed sheets to Mrs. Mason to receive a small prize.

Mug Competition for KS1 and KS2 –

Read the details below to find out more about this and the chance to win a Fairtrade Easter egg.

All 3 entry sheets can be downloaded from our website or ask Mrs. Mason or Mrs. Cotterill for a paper copy.  Entries to be received by the day after Fairtrade Fortnight ends, Monday 9th March.

For more information visit the Fairtrade site at

Fairtrade Fortnight Word Search

Fairtrade mug competition

Fairtrade Mug Competition template