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Where’s Church this Week?

Sunday December 13th 10.30am Holy Communion at Brandsby. All welcome.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of parents, carers and friends at the school Carol Service, which will be at St Cuthbert, Crayke at 2pm on Thursday 17th December.

If you are given the posada (travelling Mary and Joseph) belonging to the church and you aren’t sure who to pass it on to, please give me a call on 822809 as I have a couple of non-school households in the village who would love to host them for a night.

Advance notice: Christmas Eve at 4pm at St Cuthbert, Crayke.  Please keep a note of our nativity service in your diary. Although we are not holding rehearsals for the nativity play this year, it will go ahead as usual. We are asking children (and adults if they wish) to come dressed up as a nativity character (e.g. shepherd, angel, king, sheep, donkey) and be ready for anything.

Best wishes,

Revd Liz

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