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What Price Peace? Barnabas RE Day

Children throughout school learned more about the key events of World War I (including the Battle of the Somme) and the powerful beliefs associated with it.
Following whole school Collective Worship on Tuesday morning, pupils worked in class groups. To make the content accessible the workshop leader used storytelling, mime, drama and other activities to:
• dramatise how World War I started
• re-enact what it was like to be recruited as a soldier and go to war
• retell the story of how the Western Front became bogged down in trench warfare
• explain how poppies became a symbol for remembrance of ‘the fallen’
• immerse pupils in Bible stories and poetry of particular significance for the time
• reflect on the way some Christian ideas about God changed as a consequence
• encourage pupils to ask searching questions.

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  1. Ann Chappell

    That’s amazing. What a wonderful way to deepen the children’s knowledge and bring the past to life.