CHASA AGM & Committee

Further to our meeting last week and the small number of supporters we had, we were unable to vote in a new committee for this year.

Sadly only a small number of parents are giving their time to raise money which ALL of the children benefit from.
If you would like to see our school benefit from iPads, trips, new books, music lessons and many more extras then please share in this responsibility to raise the cash!

CHASA needs a new Chairperson, Secretary and Vice Chair to help organise and co-ordinate events.
These roles can be shared and events delegated to allow for everyone’s busy lives!

The disco planned for Friday 6th December will go ahead but at present will be the last event until a new committee is voted in.

In addition to the information from Mrs. Sharp, I would like to stress that from a Headteacher’s perspective CHASA provides a vital service to our school. The contributions listed above would not have happened without CHASA – this would be to the detriment of every child. Every school is becoming more dependent on PTA groups. It is important to remember that CHASA are responsible for all of the school’s fundraising revenue.

In a world where everyone’s time is precious getting people to join a PTA can be a daunting task. However, all parents and carers can get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time to give.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Buttery

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1 Response
  1. Jonathan Dawson

    Hi All,

    I feel its so important that CHASA is given an opportunity to not only continue but to thrive going forward.

    As the message so poignantly points out the rewards benefit each and every child at the school.

    I love getting involved and wpuod be keen to discuss the role of Chairperson. Unsure how electing a new committee works though so if someone can advise that would be great.