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Harvest Festival – Tuesday 15th October 2019

I would like to invite everyone to join us at the Church of St Cuthbert in Crayke, for our Harvest Festival, on Tuesday 15th October starting at 1.30pm.
As the Service is taking place earlier than usual, it will not be possible for parents/carers to collect their children directly from Church. Collection will be at the normal time – all after school clubs will run as normal.
This year we will be asking for donations which will go to the York Foodbank, run by the Trussell Trust. Any donations of non-perishable foods and the other items listed below would be really welcomed. By donating to the foodbank you will help families in our own community who are in need.

If possible please choose an item from this list to bring to school on the morning of our Harvest Celebration:
– Packets of Biscuits
– Tinned Fruit
– Sponge Puddings (Tinned or Plastic Pots)
– Tinned Meat (Stews. Curries, Chillies, Mince, Ham etc.)
– UHT Milk
– Tinned Fish
– Jars of Coffee
– Cartons of Long Life Fruit Juice
– Packs of Toilet Rolls
– Tinned Tomatoes
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