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RE Wednesday

Morning all,

Today’s theme is RE and Collective Worship. We thought you may appreciate a mid week opportunity for some quiet reflection and thought.

Firstly some suggestions as follows:

From Revd. Liz – a variety of resources from Faith Foundation:

From Mrs Sheppard – three weblinks:

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust: (some lovely ideas here)

For Lent and Easter activities:  (scroll down when the page opens)

Free film/drama clips for Holy week & Easter from Rhema theatre group: look really good fun)

Also from Mrs Bower:

Secondly, for those children missing our collective worship time, we bring you something a bit different – “Our School Together Apart” – a set of 5 collective worship resources to use in your homes, should you wish. Please note that these have been sent to use from the Diocese of York, having been created by the Diocese of Guildford. They add the following note to each of their sessions:

A note for parents and carers:

At school, your child will be used to taking part in collective worship every day (it is also referred to as ‘assembly’).  This is not the kind of worship that some of you might be have been part of in a religious building.  In church schools this collective worship is planned to be:

  • Inclusive: something for children and teachers, of all faiths or of none to be able to join in with
  • Inspirational: a time in the day to think about the big questions in our lives; an occasion that supports the school community’s spiritual development, creates an opportunity to gather around and reflect on a common theme and ‘feeds’ their inner being;
  • Invitational: in school, children and teachers are invited to pray, think, or reflect, it is the child’s or teacher’s choice how they respond.

At this time, many children will be missing the familiar routines of school. One way in which we can help to keep that sense of normality is by offering these resources to schools to share with their school community at home. Please be clear:  these ideas are for you to use, adapt, or not use at all. You choose!


Please find the links below as PDF documents, then in Word format.

Our school together-apart All in the same boat

Our school together-apart Candle

Our school together-apart Easter Happy-Sad-Happy

Our school together-apart Geese

Our school together-apart Rainbows (1)


WORD Our school together apart All in the same boat

WORD Our school together-apart Candle

WORD Our school together-apart Easter Happy-Sad-Happy

WORD Our school together-apart Geese

WORD Our school together-apart Rainbows (1)