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As detailed in the Crayke Chronicle last Friday, Mrs Dobson, Mrs Bacon and I met with Mrs Yates and Sharon Anderson from NYCC County Caterers to try to agree a way forward regarding re-introducing hot meals at lunchtime.  As many of you know we are very keen to do this at the earliest possible opportunity but we need to be able to implement it in a safe and feasible manner.   We believe that we have come up with a workable solution which would mean that we can start serving hot meals again with effect from Monday 28 September 2020.

The menu has been adapted slightly to make the dishes easier to serve more quickly as we are unable to revert to family service at this time.  Class 1 will eat in the hall at 11:45am.  The hall will then be cleaned before Class 2 eat their lunch in the hall at 12:15pm.  To maintain the staggered lunchtime, Class 3 will eat in their classroom at 11:45am and Class 4 at 12:15pm.  This causes additional pressure both on school staff who will be required to help serve the lunches and on Mrs Yates who will have three separate areas of school to clean.  We will trial the new menu and procedures and review after half term.

Mrs Yates needs to place her food order on TODAY so please let us know if you would like your child/ren to now take up a school meal no later than 12pm TODAY-  21 September by email  If your child/ren have been taking a school packed lunch we will assume they will want a hot meal unless we are notified otherwise.  Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 are not charged for their meals.