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The Special Species Competition

Dear Parents/Carers

The Linnean Society is inviting pupils to enter their competition to come up with their own special species by combining together different Latin or Greek words and imagining what the species would look like and why the species might have developed those features through evolution.

Every species has its own unique scientific name that is chosen by the individual or team that discovers it. The name usually reflects something about the species itself.

Carl Linnaeus came up with the ‘binomial’ naming system, which means two names. Every species is known by two names – we are Homo sapiens (meaning man thinking, or wise).

Entries can be submitted online directly, or children can bring their creations into school and I will scan them.
Entries need to include:
  • The first name, age (in years) and city of the person who created the Special Species
  • A picture of your Special Species
  • It’s scientific and common name
  • A paragraph giving the reasons for its adaptations and a description of its habitat (aim for around 50 words)
The deadline for submitting your entry to myself is Friday 23 April.
Miss Thompson
Science Subject Leader