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Big Fairtrade ‘Bake Off’

Please remember the Fairtrade ‘Bake Off’ on Friday this week.

A tea party will be held in the Hall at 2.30pm where tea and cake will be served.

The idea is that the cakes made will have as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible :

Fairtrade ingredients are available from many health food shops and Supermarkets, especially the Co op. You can also buy them in the Fairtrade Cafe on Spurriergate in York and from Traidcraft online.


Useful Fairtrade products include –

sugar                                                   chocolate                           cocoa

honey                                                   dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas and dates

jam                                                      coffee

Start with a 3 egg Victoria sandwich cake mix then, if you wish, add other Fairtrade ingredients and an icing decoration.

Please use as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible in your cake then complete your entry form and list of ingredients and bring it to school with your cake on the morning of Friday 8th March.

Please state whether you would either like to take your cake home to eat afterwards or are willing to sell it in aid of Suamy, our sponsored child. (This bit is very important!!)

Thank you for joining in – and have fun!