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Covid-19 & Remote Learning Information

Remote Learning

Links to each class home learning page can be found here: (Children need to be logged in to access their class page)









A reminder of our Remote Learning Policy: Remote Learning Policy January 2021



ARCHIVE 2020/2021

Return to School Parent Guide – available here: Parent guide March 2021


Important information about live sessions

– To access the session, please click on the “meet link” weblink in the “Stream” tab as shown here: Google Meet Screenshot
– The meet link will also be posted into the “Stream” as a back up
– Please make sure children know how to mute and unmute (they should be on mute unless they need to speak, to avoid background noise)
– Children shouldn’t change the background or use the “chat” facility

– Please remind children of the agreed protocol for live sessions as circulated last week.

UsingGoogleMeet Protocol February 2021


Remote Learning Survey Spring Term 2021

Here is the outcome of the parent survey – thank you for your wonderful comments!

Parent Remote Learning Survey Spring 2021


Providing Remote Education Information to Parents 22.01.21

We are required to publish information relating to our remote education on our school websites.  Please see this document for further details:


Remote Learning Policy January 2021


Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Pupils, Parents and Staff – V4.0 (2)

COVID Testing Privacy notice Crayke



Update 12.01.2021

  • Please remember to access your child’s class page via the school website only.  This remains the case every single time they log in.  If you try to access via google, they will not be able to see their learning videos.  Seeing the tasks without the accompanying videos will make the lessons unnecessarily confusing for them.
  • Children, we know when you have submitted your work so you don’t need to send a “private comment” to say that your task is complete.
  • Keep remembering to check which day your tasks have been assigned to – this will ensure that lessons are completed in the correct order.
  • We have set up an additional “Whole School” page which is available to access as above.  On this page will be resources appropriate for everyone in school including Collective Worship and story sessions.

UPDATED Parents and carers guide to remote learning 7 January 2021

We hope this helps and please contact us if you have any further problems.





Arrangements for the end of term

School is open on Friday 18 December 2020

The government has announced that schools have the flexibility to close one day earlier than planned, and to take this day in lieu of a planned INSET day later in the school year.  Just to reiterate, we have made the decision that it is far too late in the day to have to ask you to make child care arrangements for an additional day off and school will still be closing, as planned, next Friday at the times outlined in the Christmas timetable.

Positive cases during the Christmas Holidays

The government have also issued information for what to do in the event of a confirmed positive case during the school holidays.  Whilst not expecting school leaders to be “on call” for the first part of the school holidays, they have asked that schools have a set time each day to receive reports of positive cases from parents.  Therefore, we have created a new email address which will be monitored between 9am and 10am each day from Saturday 19 December until Thursday 24 December inclusive.  Should you need to notify us of a positive case please use the email address  Please note that the school telephone line will NOT be available during the school holidays so email is the only method of contact to be used.

Please note the following government information:

  • Where a pupil or staff member tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, the school should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.
  • For the first 6 days after teaching ends, if a pupil or staff member tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, the school is asked to assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.
  • School staff are not asked to remain on-call or conduct any contact tracing more than 6 days after the final day of teaching.

As our last teaching day is on Friday 18 December, there should be no pupil contact tracing asks beyond Thursday 24 December.

In the event of us being notified of a positive case, we will contact you via email.


Covid reminders

Our staff continue to take every measure possible to keep everyone at Crayke School safe.  As a school we are continually reviewing and updating our risk assessments.  As part of this please be aware of the following reminders:

  • All parents when arriving and leaving school MUST be socially distanced. The one -way system in place supports this, as well as the staggered arrival and collection times.  Please maintain distancing at all times, particularly when passing through the Class 1 outdoor classroom area.
  • Please adhere to your designated drop off and collection time slots. These are summarised in the table below as a reminder.  It is really important that you stick to your times to avoid the children from different bubbles mixing.


Drop off time Collection time
Bubble A:

Class 1 and Class 3

8:45am and no later than 8:55am 3:15pm and no later than 3:25pm
Bubble B:

Class 2 and Class 4

9:00am and no later than 9:10am 3:30pm and no later than 3:40pm
Siblings in both bubbles

(e.g. Class 1 and Class 4)

8:45am and no later than 8:55am 3:30pm and no later than 3:40pm


  • Please note that Children in Bubble A will be marked as “late” if they are not in school by 8:55am for registration. Similarly, children in Bubble B will be marked as “late” in the register if they are not in school by 9:10am.
  • Children are washing their hands at regular intervals throughout the day. If your child’s hands are becoming sore, especially as the weather becomes colder, please let us know, particularly if you need to send in some cream for them.
  • Please keep the office informed when your child is absent. If a member of your household has symptoms, or you are awaiting test results, please keep us informed at this at every stage.  This can be done by phoning 01347 821767 or emailing
  • Please remember to inform us if your child, or anyone in your immediate family, develops chicken-pox or shingles – this is especially important as one of our children continues to undergo immune-suppressant therapy.
  • As part of our risk assessment, we have identified that all classrooms must be well-ventilated. This means that we have to keep the windows open! We have the heating on of course, but please try to ensure that, if needed, your child wears some extra layers to school.
  • Should you wish to read more about the guidance we are following, it can be accessed via this weblink:


Thank you all for playing your part in ensuring we stay safe, healthy and at school.