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Oak Class (Year 5/6)

What is life like in Oak Class?

  • Oak Class is a positive environment. We are a family, with our wonderful teachers who always know how to cheer you up and give you a helping hand. We grow together as a group. We have creative stories that always inspire.  One thing that really stands out is that all the staff are patient and lots of your close friends are there too. Learning is my goal and I bet for a lot of other students too. If that’s the case, turn to Crayke School. In group work everyone gets a turn, showing determination, respect, friendship and forgiveness. We shape an education, a life, an experience of fun school trips, Collective Worship, remarkable music lessons and productions to remember.

    Year 6
  • Oak Class is awesome.  Everybody is kind and we are all friends.  If someone is having trouble learning, somebody will help them.  All the lessons are fun and the teachers are great.  On Tuesdays we go swimming, I always enjoy it when we jump in.  On Wednesday we do music and French. For music we all try to play an instrument to the tune of a song.  In French we are learning the words for every different planet. On Friday we do PE with Mr M. This week we are doing golf.  Every Year 6 has a buddy.  A buddy is a Reception pupil paired with a Year 6.  We have Collective Worship every day.

    Year 5
  • Oak Class is a caring and kind class where we help and support each other whilst working hard but having fun at the same time.  In the mornings we usually do Maths or English.  On a Tuesday we enjoy going swimming at Thirsk and on a Thursday afternoon we love doing art! At lunchtime we are the servers for the younger children and our job is to serve the food and do the drinks.  If your table has been good, you might get team points.  One of our favourite things to do is go on educational trips like the time we went to Murton Park for our Anglo Saxon topic and when Y6 were Y5 we went to the same place for WW2.

    Year 6



Teacher – Mrs Rayner (Monday – Thursday) and Miss Walker (Friday)

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Peacock

Curriculum Trees 2023/2024

Curriculum Trees 2022/2023

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