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Apple Class (Reception)

What is life like in Apple Class?

Being in the Apple Class is exciting and good. I love playing with my friends, we build castles with the big bricks.

We help each other when we fall over or when we are upset.

Sometimes we play with the dinosaurs, dolls or cars.

We learn about letters and numbers. I can read now.

At Forest Schools we find bugs. We love finding bugs, we find ladybirds, centipedes and rainbow beetles.

We love ‘Go Noodle’, it keeps us fit and healthy. ‘Rollercoaster’ is funny.

We build cars, lorries and buses outside in the little playground. We sometimes play shops, horses or babies.

We have a big sandpit, I get sand in my shoes.

We paint and have funny foam, sometimes it’s white but it might be pink or blue. It smells of fruit.

We go on the scooters and a funny thing that we have to stand on and help our friend go forwards.

We have stories and sing songs, I like the tractor song.

Teacher – Mrs Helfferich    Teaching Assistant – Miss Walker


Remote Learning/Homework 

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