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Apple Class (Reception)

What is life like in Apple Class?

  • Being in the Apple Class is exciting and good.

    • I love playing with my friends, we build castles with the big bricks.
    • We help each other when we fall over or when we are upset.
    • Sometimes we play with the dinosaurs, dolls or cars.
    • We learn about letters and numbers. I can read now.
    • At Forest Schools we find bugs. We love finding bugs, we find ladybirds, centipedes and rainbow beetles.
    • We love ‘Go Noodle’, it keeps us fit and healthy. ‘Rollercoaster’ is funny.
    • We build cars, lorries and buses outside in the little playground. We sometimes play shops, horses or babies.
    • We have a big sandpit, I get sand in my shoes.
    • We paint and have funny foam, sometimes it’s white but it might be pink or blue. It smells of fruit.
    • We go on the scooters and a funny thing that we have to stand on and help our friend go forwards.
    • We have stories and sing songs, I like the tractor song.
    Apple Class