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Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do at Crayke Primary and they help to make our school a really special place.

Our values are:

Respect – we are active listeners who look after belongings and others

Friendship – we include everyone, using kind words and actions

Forgiveness – we are honest and we learn from our mistakes

Determination – we try our best, aiming high without giving up

These values form the basis of both our curriculum and our approach to behaviour.  Our children know our values inside out, from a really young age, and can explain which value is their favourite or which one they have demonstrated.  Children are encouraged to be “values spotters” in their work.  Teachers share the values at the beginning of each lesson on our bespoke curriculum jigsaws and share with their classes which particular value they will be focussing on in the session, for example:

At the end of each week, certificates are shared which celebrate children who have demonstrated one of our values in particular during the week. Staff write on the back of the certificates to explain what they have observed.

At the end of each term, staff and the Headteacher award children with Jigsaw Certificates celebrating those children in each class who have consistently demonstrated our school values.