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What and who is CHASA?

CHASA – is Crayke Primary school’s parents association, and stands for Crayke Home And School Association.

As a registered charity the aim of CHASA is to advance the education of the pupils. By developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school, as well as engaging in activities or providing facilities for equipment which support the School and advance the education of the pupils.

Who are CHASA?

All parents, guardians or carers of a Crayke Primary School pupil are automatically members of CHASA.

The current committee members are:


Chairperson – Victoria Cain   Contact:

Vice Chair –   Jade Bunker  Contact:

Treasurer – Tracey Swiers Contact:

Secretary – Rebecca Stubbins  Contact:

Committee Meetings are usually held once every half term, whereby, all parents are welcome to attend, and are notified via email, website and / or notice boards at school.

All meeting minutes will be available on the school website, following each meeting, as well as the previous AGM meeting minutes.

The Annual General Meeting “AGM” is held annually, when all members are entitled to attend and will be notified in writing (via email, website and or paper) at least 21 days prior to the meeting date.

In addition to the committee member roles CHASA also assign parents/carers as class representatives to each year group. This is on a voluntary basis and requires representatives to organise and hold certain CHASA events throughout the year as well as encouraging parents to attend, to publicise events and meetings and to sell tickets etc.

The year group representatives for this academic year are as follows:

Reception – Fiona Ankers and Katie Hunsdale

Year 1 – Emma Wilkinson and Marta Bujwicka-Colman

Year 2 – Victoria Griffin and Hannah Davies

Year 3 – Louise Beeson

Year 4 – Victoria Cain and Jade Bunker

Year 5 – Becky Stubbins and Sam Parris

Year 6 – Katie Liddell and Natasha Jagger