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School Council


Miss Walker leads the School Council at Crayke Church of England Primary School.  The School Council is made up of children from each Class (from Years 1 to 6).

The children are elected by their class to represent them in decisions made on matters relating to our school.  The elections take place in the Autumn Term and meetings take place on a Friday lunchtime.

The role of the School Council is to support Governors, staff, parents and pupils to improve aspects of our school.

School Council Representatives 2021/2022

Reception – represented by Year 6 Betty Annie
Year 1 Mabel
Year 2 Elise
Year 3 Nancy Joah
Year 4 Asa Daisie
Year 5 Tom S Martha
Year 6 Penelope Bella


Code of Conduct for School Council Meetings

Show respect – Be prepared to listen to what others have to say.

Have an open mind – Be prepared to change your mind once you have listened to the ideas of your classmates and the school council.

What will help our learning? – Whenever you discuss anything and share ideas, remember to think about how we can make our learning better and make sure children feel happy and safe in school.

Share ideas with your class – Share your discussions with your classmates.  Remember, this is a way to help children have a voice in shaping the future at Crayke.