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Class 3 homework – 14th June

Dear All

Group A this week have spellings with ue, u-e and ew sounds. Please try to write 5 sentences too.

Group B have nouns that can change into verbs by adding the suffixes -ate, -en, -ify and -ise. The children need to choose 6 words for their sentences.

The expectation around times tables is that 2,5, 10s should be ‘quick as a click – and 3s and 4s ( Y3s) and 6s for Y4s.


I thought you may be interested to hear some of the comments from the children this week – I asked them to think about something new they had learned this week. This is what they said:

I never knew that the Egyptians stuck a metal stick up someone’s nose to take their brains out when they’re dead to get them ready for the after life.

I learned that our top playground is 405 m2

I learned to how to spell my name in hieroglyphics

I learned that the Egyptians used rhino neck as amour to defend them in battle

I learned that Egyptians write on papyrus

I’ve learnt that in Ancient Egypt they used to pull their brains out through their nose with a hook

I learned who was the first person to the Antarctica was

This week I learnt about the rosetta stone

I learned how to plant cress seeds

I have learned that Egyptians would kill servants to help the kings in the afterlife.

I learned that tombs can be underground.

I have learned how to use a trundle wheel

I learned the languages of the rosetta stone

Never a dull moment in class 3!