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Class 3 Homework – 3rd May 2013

Mmmm….a bit of sad news to start. We discovered only 41% of our class today had completed their homework as requested. As a class we have had a discussion about why we have homework and who it helps…….

This week:

Group A have spellings with the pattern ay, ai, a-e and ey.

Please choose 4 of these and in the spelling books write ‘interesting’ sentences.

Group B have words that end in -tion or -sion. There are 12 of them. The task this week is to create 6 sentences each with 2 of the words in….we have been through the task in class and explained and even tried one out ……no excuses this week. NB if writing sentences in the book is tricky they can always be completed on paper.

Times tables are coming on spectacularly – remember the secret is to be able to answer them ‘ as quick as a click’

This week 2,5,10s and move onto 3s and 4s if you can. Please go up to 12x the number.