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Property……& Lost Property!

As I am sure the children may have told you, on Friday we had a mammoth clear out and clear up of the KS2 cloakroom. As part of the process, we unearthed lost PE kit, lost trainers, lots of unnamed clothing and some other items which in part has prompted this post…..

All PE kit – including trainers must be kept in PE bags – sometimes they are brought in plastic bags on certain days etc which is fine but they must be stored in PE bags simply due to space restrictions.

ALL uniform (particularly jumpers in the summer) and PE kit must be named

There should be NO electronic gadgets or mobile phones should be brought to school – this is not only for insurance purposes but gadgets with internet access are not covered under our internet safety policy. No child should ever need to bring a phone to school and we will confiscate any gadget that is found, requesting that parents call into school to collect it.

As from September the children (Class 4 included) will not be allowed to bring Satchels or large school bags – we are making it school policy that no pencil cases will be brought to school ( there is no need as we provide all the stationary material that the children require) and so therefore there is nothing that the children require to bring in a bag other than a book which can be transported in a book bag.

All children will need is a PE bag and a school book bag – this will considerably reduce problems in the cloakroom and provide uniformity across the whole school. I am aware that Judo kit will be brought on Wednesdays which can be hung on the pegs in the cloakroom.

Could I also politely remind parents that no earrings should be worn for PE and nail varnish is not part of school uniform.

I appreciate that this has all seemed a bit ‘heavy handed’ but there is logic and reason for all points made and I thank you in anticipation of your support with this.