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Transition information for Y6 children going to Easingwold

Dear Parent or Carer

Year 6 to 7 Transition Days, Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th July

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter to Easingwold School for the 3-day transition visit next week.

During the three days, the children will experience lessons in most of the subjects they will study in Year 7, including English and maths (2 periods each), science (3 periods), 2 humanities subjects, design technology, languages, ICT, P.E., and at least one creative arts subject (all one period each). They will spend the whole of Thursday morning on science, learning about how forensic science can help to solve crimes.


The children are welcome to travel to Easingwold School on the school buses. The bus operators have been informed and there is no need for Year 6 pupils to carry bus passes. If you need to know when and where the children should catch the bus to school, please contact the relevant bus operator (see list overleaf).

Arrival on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning staff will meet the children as they get off the buses and direct them to the Hall where they will begin the day with a brief assembly. Pupils will then be organised into their teaching groups for the three days. Each group will be made up of several pupils from four or five different primary schools. Each child will be given a ‘welcome pack, consisting of a timetable for the three days; a map of the school; details of their house, form and form tutor; a pupil handbook; and a letter outlining arrangements for the beginning of next term. (Please have a look at these documents yourself.) Each teaching group will have two Year 9 guides who will help the Year 6 pupils to get from lesson to lesson and be available to help them at break and lunchtime.

On Thursday and Friday, Year 6 pupils will go to their form rooms at the beginning of the day for registration with their tutors and to meet other members of their forms.

Morning break and lunch

Food and drinks are available from the Dining Hall at break and lunch time. As you probably know already, we now have a cashless catering system. Instead of paying with cash, pupils and staff now have electronically-held accounts. Payment is made by scanning the customer’s thumb, identifying him/her as the account holder and deducting the cost of the food from his/her account. Payment into the account can be made online using ParentPay (see letter on school website for further information) or by cash using a machine situated in the Dining Hall. Please be assured that this is an extremely secure system; the thumbprint is converted into code (no images of thumbprints are taken or stored) and it is impossible for the code associated with the individual to be used for any other purpose than paying for school food.

Most parents of Year 6 children have already given consent and their children been registered for ParentPay and cashless catering. However, don’t worry if you haven’t done so yet: you can send the consent form (which was sent out to you via the primary schools) with your child on Wednesday, with some cash, and we will make sure that he/she can pay for lunch. We won’t allow anyone to starve!

A variety of hot and cold food is available, including a ‘meal deal’ consisting of a main course with vegetables or salad, and pudding, fruit or yoghurt, for £2.10. Pupils should need no more than £3.00 per day for food and drink. Of course they are welcome to bring a packed lunch which may be eaten in the Dining Hall. There is a water cooler in the Dining Hall from which pupils may fill their own bottles.

What to wear and bring to school

Pupils should wear their primary school uniforms, if they have them. They will not need a coat unless the weather is poor. If the weather is hot, please ensure that your child wears sun screen.

Pupils should bring a pencil case containing at least a pen, pencil and ruler. All pupils will have P.E. on Thursday, for which they should bring trainers/sports shoes, a t-shirt or polo shirt, shorts and socks.

We hope that your son or daughter will have an enjoyable experience at Easingwold School next week. If you have any questions about the transition days, please contact me by email ( or telephone (01347 821451).


Yours sincerely


John Butcher

Assistant Head Teacher




School bus routes and operators


Route   number Destinations Operator Telephone   number
150R Ampleforth/Brandsby/Crayke A C Morse 01347 878969
151R Skewsby/Sheriff Hutton
152R Sheriff Hutton/Stillington
153R Sheriff Hutton/Farlington
154R Sutton on the Forest/Huby Stephensons 01347 838990
155R Huby
156R Shipton
157R Linton-on-Ouse
158R Linton-on-Ouse/Newton-on-Ouse
159R Tholthorpe/Aldwark
160R Tollerton
161R Tollerton Reliance 01904 768262
162R Alne Stephensons 01347 838990
163R Helperby/Raskelf
164R Carlton Husthwaite/ Raskelf/ Easingwold CP School
165R Husthwaite Hutchinsons 01347 821853
166R Oldstead
30H Clifton Moor/Wigginton/Haxby Reliance 01904 768262
30X Skelton/Rawcliffe/Clifton/York


Please note that the 30H and 30X services are public service buses, therefore pupils will have to pay travel on them.