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Fairtrade Fortnight

Welcome to Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 at Crayke School.

The children have already met Foncho, a Fairtrade banana producer, who is the face of Fairtrade Fortnight 2014.

He reminds us to buy Fairtrade bananas so that producers around the world receive a fair deal.

You can find out more about him on You Tube.

This year there are 3 challenges for the Crayke children to take part in.

Fairtrade prizes will be awarded of course!

1. Design a mascot for Fairtrade. Children need to invent a completely new superhero who could champion the Fairtrade cause. It could be a person, an animal or even a ‘thing’!

To enter the competition and win a Fairtrade Easter Egg Key Stage 1 children need to draw or paint the mascot on A4 paper and give it a name.

Key Stage 2 children need to do the same, but also write a sentence or two to explain a little about their character. We know what great artists we have at Crayke School so we look forward to some super pictures.

Remember to make them big, colourful and attractive.

Last day for entries will be Friday 7th March. Post in the box in the hall.

2. We already have a collection of wrappers from Fairtrade products and these are being put onto a map in the hall to show where in the world the Fairtrade producers live.  But we need lots more please.

3.  If you remember Foncho’s message and eat a Fairtrade banana this fortnight, please bring along the little Fairtrade sticker, put it on the giant banana in the cloakroom and write your name next to it. Mrs. Mason or the School Council members will then award you a sticker from Foncho in return.

Can we fill the whole banana?

We hope that you enjoy lots of Fairtrade goodies this Fairtrade Fortnight… and remember to get drawing!