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Red Bag Collection for Crayke Playgroup

We’re having a Rag Bag fundraising collection for Crayke Playgroup!

Following last year’s successful textile collections to raise funds for Crayke Playgroup, we are having another collection shortly after Easter (dates below).  Rag Bags are being distributed through school book bags but if you have not received a Rag Bag and would like one please contact Claire (details below) or alternatively bags are available from Crayke Playgroup.  Textiles are also acceptable in bin liner bags.  If you have any unwanted textiles, please support Crayke Playgroup and donate them to our next collection.  The more textiles we collect, the more we raise! Please give good quality clean textiles – the heavier the items (such as shoes fastened together) the better!

Rag Bags CAN be filled with the following items:

ü All men’s, ladies and children’s clothing

ü Paired shoes (tied together)

ü Handbags, bags, ties & belts

ü Household towels and linen (curtains, bed linen – sheets pillow cases, duvet covers NOT duvets) etc…

ü Underwear to include socks, tights, pants and bras etc…

Unfortunately the following items CANNOT be accepted:

û  Duvets both synthetic and feathered

û  Pillows & cushions

û  Carpets & Rugs

û  Soiled or wet clothing

û  Uniforms & workwear

û  Shredded or mutilated textile material

û  Textile off cuts, yarns or threaded material

û  Soft Toys

When you have filled your bag(s), please drop off bags at the Away Changing Rooms at Crayke Sports Club at any of the following times:

Sunday 27th April 3pm – 5pm

Monday 28th April 9am – 3.15pm

Wed 30th April 10 am – 11.30am

Thursday 1st May 9am – 3.15pm

Rag Bag textile recycling scheme provides regular fundraising for playgroup and raises awareness about recycling.  All the collected textiles are sorted and graded according to quality for reuse or recycling.  Good quality textiles are exported to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe providing good quality affordable second hand clothing. Poor Quality textiles are cut up into industrial wiping cloths. So nothing goes to waste!

If you need any further information, bags, or you are unable to make any of the above drop off times and dates please contact Claire on 07732 714 914 or via email

Many thanks in advance for your continued help and support.