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World Book Day

As you will undoubtedly know, World Book Day is taking place next Thursday, 6th March.  However, just to be a little different, Crayke School’s World Book Day will take place on Friday, 7th March due to sporting commitments – swimming, football, netball and cross country!

We have decided that the theme this year will be favourite picture books.  We would like the children to sort out a well-loved picture book that they have always enjoyed.  It would be great if they could dress up as a character out of this book (don’t panic if you’re not the most confident costume designer – a token gesture towards the character would be sufficient, e.g. hat, bag, top, etc.  However, if this is your forte, feel free to go completely over the top!).  We would like the children to bring their favourite book to school on the Friday.  There will be opportunities to share this book between classes, e.g. older children reading to Reception.  In class activities based around their favourite books will vary from creating a new illustration for your book, writing a letter to the author or a character, etc.

We really look forward to sharing the books that the children bring in.