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Class 3 Maths project – lost property!

Over the last two weeks, Class 3 have been doing a maths data handling project.  As part of this project, we investigated how many different items there were in lost property.  There were a staggering 104 items in lost property!  The most common items in lost property were P.E jogging bottoms, closely followed by school jumpers.  We used this information to create a range of different charts and graphs, before calculating what the cost would be to replace all of the items in lost property.  We were shocked to work out that the value of the items in lost property would total approximately £822.50.  The majority of items were unnamed, meaning that we couldn’t reduce the huge mountain of lost property in our Class 3 and 4 cloakroom.  Please can you ensure that all of your children’s items (including P.E kit,) are named clearly with a wash-proof pen and check the lost property boxes for any missing items.

Thank you.  Class 3