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Class Four Summer Transition Homework

 Class Four Summer Transition Homework

Your task is to complete a project about a country of your choice. Firstly you must decide which country you would like to research. It could be a country you used to live in, a country your family is from, a country you have visited (on a holiday etc) or it could be a country you would like to know more about – the choice is yours! You may work on your own or in pairs BUT you must each produce your OWN project.

To help you complete this project you could look at home for any books that could help you, visit the school library, visit a travel agent to get some travel brochures or use the internet.

Your project will need to be well presented and full of interesting information. You need to include text (handwritten and/or typed) and graphics (pictures, drawings, photos etc).There will be PRIZES for the best projects. I will be considering effort, content and presentation.



  1. Front Cover

Your front cover should be made of card. It must include your name, class and the name of the country you have chosen (Remember countries need to start with a capital letter e.g. England). You may decorate your front cover with images associated with your chosen country e.g. England > St George, Big Ben, red buses, London Eye, Angel of the North; France > Eiffel Tower, Metro, Arc de Triumph, La Louvre)


  1. Location (1-2 pages)

Begin your project by explaining which country you have chosen and why. You will also need to include some maps (2 minimum) in this section. One needs to show where in the world your country is and the other needs to be a large map of the whole country. You could use an atlas, the internet, reference books etc.


  1. Flag (1 page)

Next you will need to draw or print an image of your chosen country’s flag. Try to find out its history and meaning.


  1. Fascinating Facts (1-2 pages)

You need to find some interesting facts about your chosen country. Try to think of an imaginative way to present them. You could do ‘lift the flap’ questions and answers, a quiz (with answers at the end) or a matching game (with question and answer cards). You could include facts such as:

  • population (number of people who live there)
  • capital city
  • money used in your chosen country (e.g. £, $ , Euro etc)
  • longest river in country
  • highest mountain in country
  • size of you country
  • other countries than share a border with your chosen country
  • seas/oceans that surround your chosen country etc


  1. History and Famous People (1+ pages)
  • Find out about the history of your chosen country. What are the important historical dates (kings/queens, presidents, important buildings, wars, inventions, Olympic Games etc)? You can write and/or draw a timeline.
  • Does your country have a patron saint? (e.g. England = St George; Ireland = St Patrick) Try and find out the story of the patron saint.
  • Which famous people come from your chosen country (past or present)? What are they famous for? (Think about celebrities, sportspeople, presidents, artists, musicians, inventors, scientists, explorers, religious figures, figures from black history etc)


  1. Weather (1-2 pages)
  • What is the weather like? Is it hot/cold all year round or is it seasonal (changes in autumn, winter, spring, summer)?
  • How does the weather affect people who live there?
  • Try to find information and/or graphs about the average monthly rainfall and average hours of sunlight.


  1. Customs, Traditions and Celebrations (1+ pages)
  • Research what customs and traditions are kept in your chosen country.
  • What are the main religions in your chosen country?
  • Are there any special celebrations? (e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali,  Independence Day, St Patrick’s Day etc) How are they celebrated?


  1. Food and Drink (1+ pages)

Find out if your chosen country has a traditional dish and draw a labelled diagram of it. What type of food and drink do people eat and drink? Think about how you could display this information. You could write, draw, make a collage, include recipes etc.


  1. Dress (1-2 pages)

In this section you need to explain what people usually wear in your chosen country and why (Is it suitable for the climate/weather? Is it traditional? Is it for religious reasons?). Maybe you would like to find out what is fashionable in your chosen country at the moment. You will need to draw a labelled diagram showing what a typical man, woman, boy and girl living in your chosen country would wear. Does your country have traditional costumes?


  1. School (1-2 pages)

Find out what school is like in your chosen country. What is similar and different to your experiences of school? Here are some other questions for you to consider when you are writing about school:

  • Do all children go to school?
  • How do they travel to school?
  • What times/days do children go to school?
  • What lessons do the children have?
  • How many children in a class?


  1. Other information

If there is any other information you would like to add to your project you may include it here.