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Heatwave Advice

Given the current, and continuing hot weather warnings, we would like to remind parents/carers how they can support us in keeping children cool and safe:

  • Sun Screen/Sun Block – Please apply sun screen or sun block of a sufficiently high factor to your child before school. If necessary, this should be replayed throughout the day.
  • Protective Clothing – Please ensure your child has a hat they can wear for outside activities.
  • Water – Please ensure your child has a filled water bottle at the beginning of the day. They can refill it during the day from our drinking water taps.
  • Parents/carers should seek advice from a health professional if they notice any unusual changes to their child’s skin.

You are free to download and print the resources below.


Be Sun Safe – Primary School Years – Sun Safety Advice

Be Sun Safe. Primary School Years – Resources 1

Be Sun Safe. Informationn for parents/carers

What is sunburn animation