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Early Administration STA Update (Year 2 parents)

I have recently spoken to the STA about the confusion regarding the grammar, spelling and punctuation test our Year 2 children completed on Tuesday 19th April 2016.

Please see below the official statement form the STA:

“This is clearly a serious error and we have launched an immediate investigation to understand how it happened. The material has been removed from our website. Fortunately, this is a Key Stage 1 test which is provided to schools to support Teacher Assessment judgements. The data used to judge the performance of schools and the progress children are making at Key Stage 1 are teacher assessment judgements. The results of these tests are not collected. Nonetheless it is deeply regrettable that it has happened. We ask that if anyone has seen the material, they do not share it further so that the test remains helpful for those teachers who have not yet used it with their pupils.”

I will keep you up-to-date with any information I receive…