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Growing up in North Yorkshire Survey (Year 2 & Year 6)


Dear Parents/Carers of children in Year 2 & Year 6

Our school, along with the majority of North Yorkshire schools, has agreed to participate in the 2016 Growing Up in North Yorkshire Survey for young people.   Information gained from individual school and county level analysis of this survey provides knowledge and understanding about the lifestyles and learning of children and young people and influences school, county and locality planning and evaluation of provision.

The survey data is able to inform the review of provision in schools and school improvement priorities and has been used well, for example, to:-

  • Gain feedback from pupils about the ethos and culture of the school
  • Learn their opinions about learning, the enjoyment of lessons and the usefulness of key aspects of the curriculum related to wellbeing
  • Identify staff training needs
  • Provide information to inform review of a range of school policies
  • Identify  the needs of different groups of pupils and further develop provision to meet those needs
  • Inform discussions with parents

The survey that we are using has been commissioned by the North Yorkshire Children and Young People’s Service from the Schools Health Education Unit, Exeter and has been in use in North Yorkshire schools every two years since 2006.

The questions concern a wide range of perceptions and behaviours related to learning and wellbeing, for example:
Enjoyment of lessons, attitudes and resilience for learning, transition, relationships, emotional health and wellbeing including bullying and indicators of happiness, safety including online safety, tobacco, alcohol, money, healthy eating and physical activity.

The  North Yorkshire Children and Young People’s Service has worked closely with the Schools Health Education Unit to ensure that the content of the questionnaires is appropriate, with bespoke questionnaires for primary, secondary and special schools.

Each questionnaire is anonymous and confidential, and no pupil will be identified when the data is returned to our school.  Individual schools are not identified in any of the county reports.

I hope you will feel, as we do, that this is a very worthwhile survey which will support the wellbeing of all of our children, but do please let me know if you do not wish your child to take part.  The survey will be carried out at an appropriate time over the next two weeks. We hold a copy of the questionnaire in the school office, and if you would like to read it, you are welcome to do so by appointment.
Yours sincerely,

Andrew Buttery