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Growth Mindset Day in Key Stage Two

As I’m sure your children will have informed you, we held our first Growth Mindset Day today.

The children worked in mixed age groups (Year 3 to Year 6) and were presented with the following challenge:

Mission Possible-but Challenging!

Your mission, which you must accept, is to build a bridge. The bridge will be judged as follows:
1. It must be able to withstand a 1 Kg weight being placed on the central point of the bridge. The bridge must remain undamaged.
2. The bridge must span a gap of at least thirty centimetres.
3. The bridge must be able to withstand a 15 second blast of air.
4. The competition entry forms must be completed to the judge’s satisfaction.

Did we forget to mention, that you must construct your bridge using only: A4 paper (two sheets), sellotape (to fix together joints) and art straws.

The children displayed a plethora of valuable Growth Mindset strategies including learning from their setbacks, working effectively with their peers and embracing challenge.

Well done to the winning team…