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Year 6 Practice Papers

Over the coming weeks, Year 6 pupils will be bringing home CGP practice papers in both numeracy and literacy.  For your information, both sets of papers will be accompanied with an answer booklet, which will assist you in helping your child.  Obviously, this needs to be separated from the practice papers and kept safely – the children have been asked to give this to you as soon as possible…

An ideal time to complete/review the papers is at Revision Club (every Thursday after school).

I have added below, the information that will be handed out to the children on Monday 11th January.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

CGP Practice Papers

Each Monday you’ll receive a different paper which will be based on the assessments in May.  You should hand the answer/transcript pack over to an adult straight away.  Ask an adult to allow you the required amount of time (you should find somewhere quiet to work on the paper).  Once you’ve had the allotted amount of time you should review the paper with an adult.  Any questions that you’ve answered incorrectly, or didn’t have time to answer, should be revisited after a few days.  Don’t forget that papers can be completed/reviewed at revision club… 

Top Tips:

1.Practise the areas you answered incorrectly (it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it really will help).

2.Make sure you don’t throw away easy marks (check over your answers and read the question carefully).