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Eco School Experience

On Friday 22nd September, the children were visited by ‘Power Down Pete.’ He led an engaging assembly about the environment and the importance of saving energy not only to save money, but to help our planet. By using an exercise bike, the children got to see just how much energy is needed to power different appliances around their home.
Following the assembly, Class 3 learnt more about different energy saving items and gadgets, such as wood-free burning blocks for the fire, insulation materials and ‘stand-by-mode’ plugs, which turn the appliance off fully if you put it onto standby. They had great fun learning about these things through playing a giant game of snakes and ladders and a parachute game.
Finally, Power Down Pete visited Class 4 where the children thought about energy. They played ‘play your energy cards right’ and thought about their carbon footprint.
The morning provided the children with a lot to think about; hopefully they will bring some ideas home to help save energy…