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Class 2 Art & DT: Lighthouses & 3D Islands

Class 2 will be making their own 3D islands, complete with lighthouses this term.  Part of the lighthouse lantern will be constructed from various bottle tops.

On 18th January, please can children bring in:

  • 2 milk bottle tops (or similar sized caps to fit on the end of a kitchen roll sized tube.)
  • 1 other smaller sized bottle top (such as those found on orange juice or carbonated drinks bottles.)

The following would also be useful if you have any:

  • a kitchen roll tube. (Unfortunately we cannot use toilet roll tubes.)
  • any tiny cardboard boxes such as empty Smartie boxes as these would make ideal houses on the island

If you don’t have any of the items requested, please don’t worry, as we do have some spares already in school.

Many thanks,

Mrs Walsh.