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East Barnby 2018 – final update

After another enjoyable day on Thursday, followed by the much anticipated talent show, the children will be tidying their rooms and hopefully getting all their belongings together this morning!

All five activity groups will be beck scrambling this morning (before a much needed shower and lunch).

We are expecting to leave East Barnby at approximately 2pm – I will contact Mrs. Bacon at this point and provide a more accurate estimate for our arrival back at school.  Please check your emails/the school website for the aforementioned information.

Parents will be able to see a range of photographs from East Barnby & Carlton Lodge, when they are added to the monitor at the front of school.  There will also be an Achievement Assembly on Friday 22nd June where the children will share their favourite moments and photos…

As I am in East Barnby, there will be no Crayke Chronicle this week.