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Ancient Britain Day in Class Three

On Monday 14th January, children in Class 3 dressed up as people from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. They were visited by Dave from Murton Park and went on an imaginary journey over 500,000 years ago to Stone Age Britain.

The morning was packed full of opportunities to handle real artefacts, such as a flint hand axe, carved by early man around 300,000 years ago!

In the afternoon, the children learnt how to make a fire without matches, using a bow and drill and flint and steel. The bow and drill proved to be rather more difficult than it looked! They also got to imagine what life was like in the Bronze Age and acted out trading a range of objects in character, to improve their wealth and status.

A great day was had by all and it was a really enjoyable way to start this term’s topic. I would like to thank all of the adults involved in helping the children to come to school in such wonderful costumes. It was clear to see how much effort had gone into them and they really added to the day.

Mrs. Rayner