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Class 4 Swimming Lessons Start Next Week

Just a reminder that children in Class 4 will start their swimming sessions next week on Tuesday 17th September for an eight week period (except 1st October)

They will be attending Thirsk Swimming pool for a half hour session between 10.30am and 11.00am. We will be using money from our Sports Grant to fund the lessons and also the cost of coach transport to and from Thirsk.

Children will not need a packed lunch on the swimming days as they will be back in time for lunch.  However, please can you provide them with a suitable snack for eating on the bus whilst travelling to Thirsk i.e. a small packet of dried fruit, cereal bar, etc (not fresh fruit, as it is not easy to dispose of apple cores, banana skins, etc on the bus).

If your child has long hair, please send them with their hair tied back for the session.

The last session will be on Tuesday 19th November.  If you have not already done so, please can you e-mail Mrs Bacon at,  to give your consent for your child/ren to go swimming (please do not reply direct to this email) as soon as possible. Thank you.