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Classes One & Two – Reading books over the summer

A trial subscription for ‘Collins Big Cat’ reading scheme has been set up, in order for children in reception and Key Stage 1 to have access to the full range of Collins reading books over the summer holidays and into the next academic year.

To access the on-screen books, please follow the link and input the following information, which is designed to be a generic pupil login for all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2:

Date of birth – Day: 1, Month: January

First letter of surname: A

Year group: 1

Then select ‘Collins Big Cat’ and you are able to select your child’s book band and access a high quality wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Please ensure that your child accesses books at a level appropriate to their reading ability; being able to decode the words is important, but comprehension of what they read is also a crucial skill. I hope that you find this resource a useful supplement to their usual reading over the summer holidays.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs L. Rayner

English co-ordinator