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Crayke’s Spectacular Spelling Bee

I would like to congratulate children from Years 1 – 6, who have all been working hard to learn words for our first ever Spelling Bee.  It was wonderful to hear children practising their spellings this morning – even at Run a Mile!

After a busy morning of spelling activities in each of our classes, three children progressed to the final.  I was hugely impressed by the standard of spelling on show and the determination to succeed.  Please see below for pictures of the finalists from each year group…

It is important to remember that this event has encouraged children to focus on spelling, and regardless of their level of attainment, all participating children have developed improved spelling skills.

Being able to spell is incredibly important, even in these days of auto-correct and predictive text. Learning to spell helps to cement the connection between the letters and their sounds, and learning high-frequency “sight words” to mastery level improves both reading and writing. The correlation between spelling and reading comprehension is high because both depend on a common denominator: proficiency with language. The more deeply and thoroughly a child knows a word, the more likely he or she is to recognise it, spell it, define it, and use it appropriately in speech and writing.

Thank you to Mrs. Rayner for organising the event.