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Safer Internet Day 2019

At Crayke Church of England Primary School, we believe that educating our children about being safe online is very important. As part of our computing curriculum, children learn how to identify some of the risks they may encounter when on-line, and what to do to keep themselves safe.

As part of Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 5th February 2019) children throughout the school, thought about and investigated, how important it is to stay safe on-line. Children and young people spend a lot of time online; it can be a great way for them to socialise, explore and have fun. However, children do also face risks such cyber bullying or seeing content that’s inappropriate.

If there is sufficient interest I would be happy to hold an information evening for parents/carers on Tuesday 5th March at 5.30pm. As part of the evening I will be covering a range of internet based topics, which will all be linked to theme of keeping your children safe online. If you would be interested in attending please email Mrs. Bacon –

In school, we have clear rules for children and staff about using the internet; please see the attached Internet Safety Policy. In addition, please look at a selection of work completed by Class 4, as well as a useful web link:

Staying Safe Online 1

Staying Safe Online 2

Staying Safe Online 3 – Publisher

Staying Safe Online 4 – Publisher

Internet Safety Policy