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School Development Plan 2019-2020

Introduction to the School Development Plan
The School Development Plan aims to prioritise our activities in order that we might meet the school aims as detailed below and to continue to develop as an outstanding school in all areas. It is our vision that we may work in an ethos of respect and friendship and that there is learning for life for all those working in school.

The plan is an ongoing working document and is responsive to issues that may arise through our continued school self-evaluation and as a result of external influences. This means that relevant stakeholders have had an input into the contents of the Development Plan.

Vision and Aims
Crayke Church of England Primary School works in partnership with parents, children, church and community to provide a first-class education and start in life. We aim to inspire and equip children to learn throughout life and to strive for excellence in their work and relationships.

We promote the personal growth and development of all children, teaching and practising acceptance and inclusion for those of all backgrounds, abilities and beliefs.

We are a Christian foundation serving the whole community, embodying our school values of Respect, Determination, Friendship and Forgiveness in our nurture and encouragement of all.

Respect – Our school is a community which values and respects each member equally. We pay attention to each other’s ideas, feelings and possessions, and take care of our school environment.

Friendship – Everyone needs friends. We encourage children to extend their friendship to all school members, showing support, generosity and love to each other.

Forgiveness – Forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian faith and we acknowledge that every member of the school community – children and staff – needs a fresh start from time to time. We aim to wipe the slate clean each day and not to hold grudges.

Determination – We know that life and learning are sometimes difficult and painful and that it is important to have courage and not to give up. We are committed to the achievement of our community, and of ourselves, for the benefit of us all. We are inspired by God’s endless love and forgiveness for us, so that as members of Crayke School we promise to try our best in everything we do.

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