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All About the Sun

All about the Sun
Read the latest news and find information all about the sun.
Newsround’s reports on changes happening on the sun. You’ll also find lots of fun facts on links on the news round report.
Solar flares: How the Sun could be ‘waking up’ after a quiet patch – CBBC Newsround
Here’s a poem about a dragon fly who flies around in the summer sun. Read the poem then make your own poem up about being in the sun. If that’s a bit tricky you could use this poem but change dragon fly for different flying creatures in each verse then think of different describing words (adjectives) to tell how they move.
Dragonfly Out in the Sun
Watch this video and jot down the facts to use in your own information sheet about the sun. Remember to add pictures and diagrams to make your info. sheet really interesting.
Reception & KS1 Plants need the sun to help them grow. Why not plant some sunflower seeds or beans and record how they grow. Use this resource to help.
KS2: Some science for you here. I wonder how many questions in the quiz in this BBC bite size lesson you can answer? Don’t worry, there’s a helpful information video to watch to help you.
Sun inspired art crafts: be inspired by this selection of great ideas to create your own sun art! Whatever your age, there’s something here that you can do!
Reception and KS1: Cute Sun Themed Crafts for Kids
KS2: End of the Year Art Project