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From the Chair of Governors

Dear Parents/Carers
On behalf of the Governing Body I would like to echo Mrs Jackson’s message of thanks in the Crayke Chronicle to parents, staff, the community and the children for their support of the school in these trying times. Of course she could not say it but I also wish to thank Mrs Jackson for her excellent leadership, hard work and care in a rapidly changing situation. As a new Headteacher she has had a baptism of fire but she has guided us through with a level of knowledge and skill found only in the very experienced. We are lucky to have her at the helm right now.
Although the school building will be closed to most children for the duration I still regard the school as being open for education. Governors are grateful to the staff for their ongoing hard work in providing educational opportunities in school and at home. I hope parents and carers will be able to encourage the children to make the best of them. They could be out of formal education for months. We know that such gaps can lead to regression in learning so it is important to try to maintain momentum. The school is also open for communication so do get in touch if we can help. School governance will continue all be it remotely. If you would like to contact any governor or myself please do so via the school.
Finally I would like to wish everyone good health and strength in dealing with the challenges ahead.
Hugh Porter
Chair of Governors