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Have you ever wondered?

Some creatures have a bad wrap and it’s time to investigate a little closer to help us get a balanced view. Let’s start with wasps. They have to be bad, right? Well, we don’t like getting stung, that’s for sure. But, why have they survived and do we actually need them in our world? It’s time to take a closer look.
What are wasps for? Chris Packham is here to tell you! – CBBC Newsround
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Wasp facts:
There’s surely nothing good about stinging nettles… or am I mistaken?
Try this recipe to use up your garden stinging nettles… it’s delicious… honest!
Nettle soup:
Good bugs? You have to be kidding?
4 Pests That Are Actually Helpful – Plunkett’s Pest Control
This video clip explains how we need slimy worms and other decomposers to help us make nutritious compost to help us grow fruit and vegetables
Getting help from bugs to make fantastic compost using this link as a guide.
Getting Dirty: Five Fun Composting Projects for Kids
Here’s a story about another creepy crawly who didn’t seem very special before an amazing transformation!
A lot of people are scared of spiders but did you know they are AMAZING!? The silk they spin to make webs is one of the strongest materials known!
Be inspired by spider’s beautiful web designs (how on earth do they know how to make them??) by following the instructions on this link: